What is Boston Comedy Project?

Boston Comedy Project (BCP) was created out of a passion for supporting and promoting women in comedy and creating quality, curated, customized shows. Founder Martha Rollins is a ‘theater person’ who took a few years off to have a few kids and then crash- landed in Comedyville, Comedytown, Comedy….. whatever.

After producing, booking, curating, hosting shows with other groups Martha wanted her own brand to represent her mission. The goal of BCP is to deliver quality shows for both private and public audiences by booking diverse and remarkable comics.

Each event has a different audience. BCP works with clients to establish what type of show they are looking for. Anything from an Israeli women’s professional group to an ovarian cancer fundraising event or a college/university who needs a night of comedy. BCP pulls from a roster of over 100 comics (women and men) to create a customized, entertaining night of comedy.